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Reiki Healing

Usui Reiki Session (60 Min.)

Service 1


Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui where universal life force energy is transferred through the Reiki practitioner's hands. The energy is directed where you may have any blockages and it helps improve your energy flow to help you stay balanced. 
-Creates deep relaxation and helps body release stress and tension. 
-Dissolves energy blockages aligning the chakras.
-Accelerates the bodies self healing ability.
-Aids in your spiritual growth.
-Calms a scattered mind.
-Grounds and assist you in feeling safe
in your body.


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Tarot Readings 

Service 2
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Tarot is a tool used as a means for bringing clarity into the past and present, while helping clients gain insight into how their choices could affect their futures. It is a way for people to receive messages through symbolism and archetype as Tarot works through the unconscious mind. 

$25 for 20  min 


Per the state of Pennsylvania. we must advise that all readings, questions, and answers are for entertainment purposes only. Our readings and advice given are not to be legally taken as financial, medical, or for mental health.

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