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My passion is helping people step into their higher selves and living to their fullest potential. I believe in confronting the dark to free the light- the duality. I am an Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki master and teacher. I have always been connected to the subtle vibrations and messages of the universe. Through my meditations, readings, and practice of Reiki, I have discovered the key to life is to love. However, we can’t always love to our fullest extent due in part to ourselves being unhealed. Our lives get messy, and we hang onto grief, pain, sorrow, remorse, worry, envy and a whole lot more without our own awareness; on the other hand, we carry an abundance of light and beauty that deserves to be shared with the world. Let's connect (or reconnect!) to our higher selves to help with your spiritual journey.

"Each of us finds their unique vehicle for sharing with others their bit of wisdom."- Ram Dass

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I am a Reiki practitioner with a passion for helping with toxic masculinity. Growing up as an athlete and making it to the college level has given me first-hand experience and direct participation into the world of male toxicity. I am not here to judge and condemn men and male-identifiers, rather let them forgive themselves and those who hurt them so we can heal and be our most authentic selves. We have been told that we are not allowed to be freely expressive- that has caused a massive strain on the male community. We need to work together to shed our generational trauma and heal as men for us to be our best versions. As a life-long drummer and percussionist, I have found myself connect to the vibrations of the universe best through using sound and music as a tool in my Reiki practice.  


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